Until Humanity Matures

294.1The Jews are the group that must teach the rest of humanity the method of elevation into the next dimension, the entry into the upper world, and its revelation here and now.

Therefore, all the peoples of the world have a subconscious feeling that the Jews are hiding something, that they have some kind of secret that interferes with everyone else, that they rob everyone, and are the cause of the misfortunes of mankind. All this is indeed recorded in The Book of Zohar, the main book of Kabbalah.

But the problem is that throughout history until now, we have not been able to reveal Kabbalah because we had to wait until humanity matured and revealed itself as global and integral, and begins to renounce its usual cultural, technological, and social development, which will show all its failure.

When it asks the question: “What are we for? Why are we?”—then Kabbalah will be revealed and these same Jews will come forward and explain why we all exist.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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