Nature Is Desire

712.03A scientist reveals everything in science not with his mind, he reveals everything in sensations (Vladimir Vernadsky).

My Comment: Yes, a person is a sentient being. Man is a desire. In general, all nature is a desire. We study relationships and connections between different desires, and therefore, in the end, we must talk about feelings.

No matter how much we want to put it into formulas and dependencies—the beginning, the end, the middle of the formula that connects the beginning and the end, various properties, states, etc.— we are still talking about what is happening to matter.

All matter is the desire to be filled, to enjoy, to bring itself into balance with the environment, with its inner state. As a result, we still talk about desire either on the inanimate, the vegetative, the animate, or on the human level.

Yet it is necessary to understand that desire is a matter. It is not that I want something and that is it. For example, the desire of atoms is to keep their structure—you have to make great efforts to break these desires. Nature is only a desire.

Therefore, when Vernadsky was talking about feelings, about the fact that our whole nature is surrounded by a huge thought, an idea, a desire, and noosphere, then, naturally, he was talking about attaining the program of matter that exists around it. This is the predestination of man.

Comment: Regarding our time, Vernadsky wrote: “There will be a lot of pride, a narrowness of consciousness, and hardheartedness until a man forgets himself in a single great feeling of love.”

My Response: Yes, until a man rises above himself in the property of love. Then the general universe, the general plan, the whole program of creation, its whole path, and what we are heading to will be revealed to him.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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