Examining Desires

549.01Comment: When a force that reveals a point in the heart appears in a person, he begins to look for something. This point then pulls all his other desires out of egoism.

In principle a division and interconnection takes place here between different desires such as Egyptians, Israelis, and Pharaoh.

My Response: It all exists within one person. He must examine himself, which of his desires are at the level of our world and will not lead him anywhere, he will stay with them like an animal, and will die like that. Or his desires are able to pull him to the next level, and there he will exist in the feeling of the upper world.

Question: When a person leaves Egypt, does he consciously work with his desires, or does it happen automatically, like in a child who develops and only then understands what it all is about?

Answer: Gradually, a person begins to understand more and more consciously that there are such desires in him that can raise him above the nature of our world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/19/22

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