What Happened Before The Big Bang?

746.01Question: For decades, scientists have been puzzled over antimatter, which created the Big Bang and then, it seems, disappeared.

They say that the universe originated at the junction between matter and antimatter. And if matter can be investigated, then antimatter has disappeared from the universe at the moment.

Is it so? What happened before the Big Bang?

Answer: First of all, I would like us to move away from the concept of place, because everything that we feel and do not feel is in one volume. In our universe there are a huge number of all kinds of objects, forces, and phenomena that we do not notice, do not perceive, and therefore cannot investigate. We will never define them through our qualities, feelings,  science, and logic, and therefore, we will not study and learn anything about them.

We just need to understand that everything exists in the same volume, only it is concealed from us and more and more is hidden. We live within the framework of a special perception of ourselves as existing in time, in some kind of sequence. In fact, this is due to the consistent concealment of some forms from us and the revelation of others, which, accordingly, gives us a sense of time, some kind of process.

Kabbalah says that we do not need to go anywhere in time. Instead of going back 15 billion years, we just need to go inside and reveal what has always existed, only removed from us in sensation.

Let’s say, talking now, we can literally move away from each other with thoughts and feelings in a few seconds, stop instantly feeling each other. Which means, all this exists in us as if within the framework of time, yet it is not time, but sensation.

Time is a change of sensations. Therefore, we can go against time: backward, forward, in any direction. If at the same time we awaken all the past states in ourselves, then we will cause a sense of time and we will be able to go back.

And it is the same about you. Today I feel like an adult, elderly. But I can go back in time and feel like a little boy. All these scenes remain like windows in a computer, only overlaid on each other, and therefore, we can go through them in the opposite direction, summon them, and define them.

Regarding what happened before the Big Bang, we will never know in our current senses. We will come, as everywhere in science, to the border beyond which we cannot attain anything. Our matter will spread out there, turn, as we can already see, into waves, and waves into something incomprehensible, imperceptible. No matter what accelerators we build, no matter how we collide particles with huge energies, we will discover a reality that escapes us.

We will feel that it exists, but it exists somewhere here. And with our sense organs and measuring instruments, which practically only expand the range of human perception, we will never feel these phenomena, because they exist in another dimension. For this, we need a completely different mind, different feelings, and a different logic, which we do not have today. It’s a different nature.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Will of the Universe” 11/28/10

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