The Children Of The Universe, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople who study the laws of the universe feel that the entire universe is a program, a thought. The most significant feature of this system is that it is unified. All of its parts are interconnected. This is true even in the framework of our current rational minds.

Each part of the system originated by the Big Bang continues to develop in various directions, thus giving birth to a multiplicity of phenomena. However, all of its elements acted in accordance with the laws of the system.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Lawlessness, that is so typical in human society, is not possible in the structure of the universe. Everything that exists has causes and consequences. It means that according to the law of interaction among numerous elements and forces, the after effects of the Big Bang constitute a unified, closed system.

It’s not an accident that in ancient time​s, ​people knew how to predict their destiny, foresaw ​large-scale events that occurred on the face of Earth, predicted the weather and other phenomena that took place under the earth and in the air by just looking at stars. It means that experiences over thousands of years of exploring the sky, nature, climate, and humans allowed them to trace connections that existed among all elements. They were able to create various tables that reflect numerous fields of knowledge such as astrology, astronomy, and many other sciences.

In the long run, we all are looking for connection since, knowingly or unknowingly, we acknowledge that everything that exists constitutes a unified, global system.

We admit that the progress of the universe is not just about giving birth or spreading particles of matter that still exist today. To be frank, it is our subjective perception, whereas the most important question is completely overlooked: Is it really so or is it something that we imagine in our organs of perception?

One has to judge in accordance with what one’s eyes see. So, the spreading particles started assembling in clusters. With time, the initial energy generated various types of clots and objects. It doesn’t’ matter if they were clouds of gas, stars, or planetary material, etc.. All these particles were drawn together by a force of concentration and attraction among the substances. In other words, on one hand, the process of the spreading of  elements continues, but on the other hand, they gather and bond together.

The spreading tendency is meant to fill the universe. The Big Bang created the place, i.e., the space that we consider endless (even though there is no justification of this fact). It’s as if we look into a dark hole and state that it is bottomless. The question remains: Does our universe really expand or does the inflation model only reflect our perception of it? We should always keep this nuance in mind.

The problem is that when we take measurements of the universe, we don’t add the caveat that we do it only in accordance with our human perception.

So, there is a tendency to fill the space in which the particles were created by the exploded energy according to the basic universal program. As we see, the process of creation of  matter is about particles, pieces of matter, collecting in bigger blocks and taking various forms (both positive and negative) by getting closer or disconnecting and moving farther from each other.

It goes without saying that we are simply using the terms that are a part of our current lexicon. By now, this process demonstrates a rapid dynamic that continues at a speed that is far beyond our comprehension.
From the program “A New Life” 3/02/14

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