Fame With A Peaceful Purpose

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Many children and teenagers dream of becoming famous. Their appearance is extremely important to them. How is this desire born?

Answer: Obviously, these kids include all feasible pleasures into the notion of being a celebrity. We know that food, sex, and family are the basic desires that refer to bodily needs.

They are supplemented by the desires for fame, wealth, and knowledge. The quest for popularity is understandable and specific to our time. Our desires for wealth, fame, and knowledge continually change, but for a young person they are very common and natural. It has always has been; we just don’t realize.

Today’s youth has much wider opportunities. What were they dealing with previously? Becoming a little bit more skillful in their fathers’ crafts? Moving from a village to a city or from a province to a capital? In any case, their opportunities were very limited. Now, it looks like the entire world is in front of them. They think they can embrace the whole world and that they are connected to it.

Question: Can the aspiration for popularity be useful in any way?

Answer: The inclination to reach celebrity status is very common for kids nowadays and we can show them which properties are necessary to achieve fame. The desire to be famous obligates them to work on themselves, change for the better, and reveal new qualities within themselves.

Children attend dancing, drawing, and theater classes in order not to grow up as little animals and to understand that behind each star, there is hard work. Just watch Michael Jackson’s rehearsal videos and you’ll see how much exertion and hard work it takes to reach the lightness that he demonstrated on the stage. There are no stars that just fly upwards, but there are numerous incidences of falling at the start. These issues should be explained to the young generation by the mass media.

Question: Let’s say, your grandson tells you tomorrow that he wants to become famous. You are the wisest grandfather in the world! What field would you advise him to concentrate on?

Answer: In the future, those who are capable of creating good and kind relationships among people will be in huge demand and will be extremely valued by society. I am not talking about virtual relationships; I mean a real system of communication among us that is similar to the one that exists in nature.

Only this profession will really be needed and other occupations will remain only to the extent of meeting immediate human necessities. Those who work in the field of establishing correct relationships, creating the methodology of interconnection among people, and preparing educators in this field will be the most popular and respected in future society. This is what I would tell my grandson.

Question: Can specific, individual talents in painting, dancing, or singing be helpful to society?

Answer: The talents through which one plans to advance and become popular have to allow for self-expression in an enjoyable way.

For that, one has to study psychology, sociology, philosophy, and laws of communication. By expressing him or herself, they will have to help others unite. By doing so, they will fulfill themselves and fulfill others.
From the program “A New Life” 2/12/14

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