Spiritual Center Of The World

747.01Question: What is the effect of the Land of Israel on people? There are nine climatic zones here, and in each are there are certain spiritual forces that influence a person.

Answer: This is a very special place on the planet and there are a great number of natural zones in it. You can drive from north to south and in practically a few hours you will cross a variety of geographical zones. In order to experience this in another country, you need to travel hundreds of times more.

Question: It is written in all the sources that Israel is the center of the world, the heart of the world. What does it mean?

Answer: It means the spiritual center of the world. Of course, they can tell you that there are Mecca, Medina and other holy places.

However, the center of the world means a place on our planet which has a certain spiritual power, corresponding to the spiritual root. This is why it is special.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/26/22

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