Kabbalistic Puzzle

219.01Some students complain that they do not understand the material that we study from the book The Study of the Ten Sefirot and are not able to feel it. This is not surprising, no one expects such an ability from them, but where is the correct reaction?

The entire study of the wisdom of Kabbalah happens through discovering that a person is deaf to it; he is not able to understand it with his mind and feel it with his heart. He does not understand what they want from him at all. After reading all these abstruse texts, he just wants to lie down on the sofa and close his eyes or at least turn on the TV or the Internet. This lack of understanding is not an innovation at all.

The innovation is that I go to the ten with this problem and try to assemble the answer there, like a puzzle, in order to understand what they want from me. I listen to my friends and talk to them, and you should not think that we are solving this issue with our own minds.

No, we turn to the Creator with this and demand from Him that He will teach us, connect us in the correct form, and reveal this picture between us so that we would understand it. It is called, “By Your actions, we know You.”

We need all the wisdom to be revealed in practice, in our connection. Otherwise, we will not be able to understand it. Kabbalah cannot be attained by the corporeal mind and feelings. It is said that “It is not the wise who learn.”

Even if you put Einstein or Nobel Laureates to study, nothing will help. Only the connection between us and the request to the Creator will help, and then the Creator will reveal the correct state between us, that is, the solution.

Therefore, the study does not require a lot of intelligence but rather, connection with the ten where everyone annuls himself before his friends and asks the Creator to reveal the state that we are studying to us inside the ten. After all, the group is the ten Sefirot, a spiritual structure where the answer can be revealed. This is called practical Kabbalah.

Therefore, I do not worry if the student does not understand the text. No one understands anything, and this is natural. All that is required of us is for everyone to unite and solve the problem by the method of practical Kabbalah, that is, by connection and not by intellect. After all, we are not at the university. If something is not clear to us, then we are really faced with a problem that requires a solution.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/3/22, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Study of the Ten Sefirot”

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