Awaken The Jewish People

269Question: How do you see the beginning of the awakening of the Jewish people? Given that they are settled in absolutely every country, it is very difficult to imagine where the awakening will begin. And do they even understand what nature wants from them?

Answer: Indeed, none of them understand anything and they cannot understand. And you can’t blame them for this; they were created this way. We cannot do anything with the nature that works in man.

The only thing that a small group of people called Kabbalists who understand the meaning of what is happening can do is to constantly increase, more and more, their pressure, dissemination, and explanation to both Jews and non-Jews alike, so that their teachings nevertheless seep into the masses, reach the elites, and people would begin to understand its essence.

But the most important thing is that the Jews themselves begin to understand this because then the rest of the nations will automatically begin to turn in the same direction.

Therefore the main thing that Kabbalists—people who understand this method, even if they themselves are not practically in it—should do is to explain and show everyone that the future of the world rests in good, equal unification, and only this can save humanity.

As soon as we begin to act in this way, then all the forces of integral, global nature will also begin to correctly influence all of humanity. That is, nature itself will help us come to general equilibrium.

Question: Does this mean that Kabbalists should open schools in all countries and teach people?

Answer: I think that Kabbalists first of all should unite themselves correctly among themselves and from this unification start the dissemination of their ideas through all channels. To do this you do not need to open schools, but simply use the communication channels that exist today. They were created for this.
From KabTV’s “Conversation on Anti-Semitism”

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