To The Feeling Of A New Nature

234The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of what we do not feel but what we want to feel and we have the opportunity to. Kabbalah exists in order to introduce us sensually into the sensation of the upper world.

This world, in which the properties of bestowal, connection, and reciprocity reign, is opposite to our world where there are only the properties of rejection, receiving for oneself, and attraction from another of everything that is good and pleasant to me. Moreover, all this is embedded in every object of our world and happens automatically and instinctively.

Thus all the desires of our world are egoistic; all desires of the upper world are altruistic.

And here we need to understand how we can break out of our nature. This is similar to how a spaceship rises, breaks through the Earth’s gravity at the first, second, and even third cosmic speed, and flies away to the stars.

Therefore we must learn how this can be done with ourselves, how we can rise above the field of attraction of our egoism. And this is not just the Earth. Egoism pulls us from all sides in terrible omniscience, all-seeing, at all levels of our understanding, sensation, and awareness.

It works completely inside of us. We are in it. How can we get out of this bitter fruit? It is a big problem to get out of egoism, even to understand this, at least in theory, to agree with what needs to be done, and then find out how we can practically implement it.

I know the way. But at the same time, I cannot help another in any way, except with words. Because everyone has freewill, and each one must realize it. Only in this way can a person rise above oneself and cleave to the Creator.

We can do this with the help of study and causing, by certain actions, the attraction to the upper world on ourselves . We can help each other. But this is all external help. It is also internal, but still external, because I must enter the upper world with my strength, my conviction, my persistence, my burst of energy!

And no matter what we do, even when we create a certain environment of our own kind around us and organize everything as needed, all the same, when a person goes beyond his egoism, breaks away from it like a rocket from our planet toward another cosmic body—each time it’s a miracle.

This is the purpose of our life. What else could it be? To fly like Munchausen, sitting on the core, somewhere on another Earth-like body? And what will happen if we do that? We want to go to another space, to another dimension. It cannot be explained.

But still, we need to push people to read, to study, to work on themselves, because by this we excite a higher power that can pull us out of egoism and push us to the feeling of a new nature.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/13/21

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