Why Are The Jewish People Considered the Chosen People?

laitman_936Question: Why does the harmony of the world depend on our unity?

Answer: Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, the harmony in the world depends only on the Jewish people. Only we have freewill, and this is the reason that anti-Semites claim that we are responsible for all the sufferings of humanity, because we don’t lead the world to a better state, and they are right. This is what The Book of Zohar and the Kabbalistic sources tell us.

The root of this phenomenon is the fact that we have certain information in our genes that enables us to bring the world together in the right harmonious mutual connection. None of the other nations can do that. This is the reason that we shouldn’t engage in science, culture, and literature of our world, but in the right Kabbalistic sociology, in the correct assembly of all the nations that should reach harmony in the connection between them, in the balance between them and the surrounding world, nature.

Then the new level of our evolution will be revealed among us. Only the Jewish people can do that, but if we continue to lag behind the fulfillment of this idea, the world will bring us increasingly more complaints.

We used to be one united nation in the past, and then we fell from that level so that we will be able to connect with all the other nations and to disperse among them. But now we need to do our best to come together again from all the nations of the diaspora.

Those who cannot reach the land of Israel simply have to help us become one united nation so that we will be able to show the whole world the theory and practice of connection and unity, which is what is lacking in humanity. This is the whole meaning of our existence! This is the meaning of the wonderful evolution of the whole world!

Our historical role is to serve the world. This the only reason the Jewish people are considered the chosen people and not in any other reason! We should live for the whole world and not for our own sake and direct ourselves towards the Creator through the whole world.
From KabTV’s “Holidays. Rosh Hashana” 8/6/15

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