Hold On To Each Other

571.01Question: During my studies at MAK [the KabU (Kabbalah education center) for Russian speakers], I felt how my older friends cared for me, I felt the system according to which we were advancing, I felt a powerful desire. This was the development we were given.

And now it is time to make efforts and do your inner work. You feel forces diminish, the desire disappears. How do you make this transition smoother? How can you generate the necessary desire among the friends after graduating from MAK [KabU]?

Answer: You know, when a child goes to kindergarten for the first time, he also finds himself in a different environment. And then from kindergarten to school it is completely different. And if not for the support of the environment, the surroundings, and parents, everything would certainly be much more complicated, more dramatic.

Therefore, I believe that there should be some kind of organization that would surround you, that is, more experienced friends who would guide you like children and help make a smooth transition from MAK [KabU] to bigger life.

When you were at MAK [KabU],  you already worked a little in a group. That is, the group remains. You create from it for yourself an environment like an incubator, which will continue to warm you, protect, and support you.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you are—even in heaven, on earth, wherever you are—but if you are within this group, then by holding onto each other, you obtain your own soul and are an independent unit in the spiritual world. No matter how small it may be, if there is a connection in a group, by supporting each other, you will never be lost.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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