With The Support Of Friends

528.04Question: What is the correct way to realize the internal suffering of creation by connection with the Creator? How can one annul before the upper, before the group, the moment evil is revealed without harming the connection?

Answer: If you want to do it quickly, only with the support of your friends. The process is a little slower through reading the correct sources: the book Shamati, Rabash’s articles, Baal HaSulam’s and Rabash’s letters. But it happens best and fastest under the influence of the environment, i.e., the group, the ten.

If there is no group, then advancement slows down, it becomes very painful. No matter how much a person tries to study independently, in the end one still must find a group, enter it, and within it find oneself and act.

The entire reaction of a person to any influences in his life, but mainly to spiritual ones, should be in the ten. Whatever happens to him, if it is connected with his relation to the Creator, to his friends, to himself, no matter what, this is his spiritual part. He must realize it in the group because it is our soul.

A person by himself is a unit, one part of the spiritual body. When he connects with nine more, and they begin to form a spiritual framework, a spiritual diagram, they gradually connect and enter into each other more deeply. When this system suddenly begins to match the upper force of bestowal, connection, then love is felt in it. This power is called the Creator.

The correct connection of the ten gives the revelation of the Creator in it. The desire that the friends find in connection with each other is called a Partzuf, and the fulfillment in the Partzuf is the upper light of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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