The Secret Of The Group

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsWe are completely severed from spirituality, the property of bestowal, but we have a “training simulator,” the group, which is a part of humanity that is willing to exist in mutual bestowal in order to become similar to the Light. Therefore, we have to examine ourselves solely in relationship to the group, and the more we are willing to bestow to the group, the more we get to know who we are.

This work is correct in its basis since another person (whom we hate and bestow upon only in order to receive some benefit) is a substitute for the Creator or the Light. If we understand that the only chance to approach the Light is through the action of bestowal inside the group, then this action evokes the Light that Reforms even though the group is egoistic.

This correction does not require an intention (Mitzvot Lo Tzrichot Kavana) because the very act of bestowal within the group leads to the correction according to the rule, “We shall do, and we shall hear” (Naaseh ve-Nishma). That is, from one’s actions one attains the property of Bina (Shmiya, Lishma).

As a result, we no longer evaluate everything according to “bitter vs. sweet” and instead, shift to the scale of “true vs. false” since we want to regard the friends as already corrected and great and see flaws only in ourselves. Thus, the group is the condition for correction because we can completely correct ourselves from egoism by examining ourselves in relationship to the group: What is the extent to which we are equivalent to the Light, the Creator.

The Creator intentionally broke our Kli and made us feel its parts as something alien to us so that we would learn to treat these parts as we treat Him. He planted the property of bestowal, which is opposite to our desire to receive, inside the foreign parts, and that is why we hate them. The problem is that a person is obligated to examine himself in relation to the environment that he is egoistically unable to view as important, but this is exactly what determines the magnitude of egoism inside us.

When the egoism is discerned within oneself, a person shouldn’t run away from this sensation, but rather engage in the correction through an action in the group and a request (MAN, prayer) during the studies. It turns out that working in connection with the group evokes the Light hidden inside it, the Creator, Who gives us the group as a substitute for Him in order for you to ask the Creator to correct your attitude towards the group.

Thus, we are dealing with only two concealed spiritual levels: the group, slightly disclosed and the Creator, fully concealed. While working in the group we must hide our feelings of resentment and rejection in ourselves, and then with the help of the Light contained in the group, we will discover our correction. As a result, I, the Creator, and the group will merge into one whole so that the vessel (Kli) and the Light would become one.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/10, “In Everything We Must Discern Between Light and Kli

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