A Person Cannot Advance Alone

571.01Question: What would you recommend to people who want to study Kabbalah alone, to read the sources?

Answer: Nothing. If they want they can study, but soon they will come to the conclusion that their studies give them only mental development but do not develop their feelings. Correct development can only be according to the recommendation of Kabbalists, that is, only in a group.

It is written about this both in the Torah and in all the sources. We should take an example from the way the main group of Abraham was created in ancient Babylon and then 2,000 years ago the group of Rabbi Shimon in Galilee, in Israel. Anywhere in the world, if a student succeeds, it is only because he is in the correct environment.

You should think as much as possible about the way to advance each other and understand that you can only act as a pushing part and your soul is all the other friends. You are Malchut and your friends are the first nine Sefirot.

It is impossible to advance alone because you have to get out of your egoistic nature, and this can only be done through correct practical work.
From KabTV’s  “Videoconference”

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