What Is Kabbalah Based On

013.01Comment: There are many methods to achieve the goal. Psychology is observation as well as self-observation, laboratory studies, surveys, conversations, and so on.

However in principle, all this may be biased because we are within our egoistic nature and do not go beyond it.

My Response: I cannot connect a person to some kind of device. After all only a device, that is, something that exists outside of us, can give an objective assessment of a person’s condition and his reaction. And we do not have this.

In addition, not only the subjects, but also those who read the results of the devices are within their egoistic qualities.

Question: How does Kabbalah examine reality so that it can be considered objective?

Answer: Kabbalah gives us a very interesting opportunity that allows us to explore our qualities relative to opposite qualities, egoism versus true altruism, when we go beyond the ego and attain the quality of bestowal, love, and connection. Then within ourselves we build a certain system of two opposite states and can exist in them and between them in the middle state.

Psychology, however, measures everything very clearly, but only within the framework of egoistic nature without going beyond it. Therefore it is impossible to say exactly where we are.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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