The Sphere Of Kabbalah And The Sphere Of Psychology

962.3Comment: The goal of psychology is to improve the quality of material life. And the purpose of Kabbalah, as Baal HaSulam writes, is to reveal the Creator to the creatures in our world.

My Response: In principle, we are placed in a very interesting amount of impact on us by just one single force, the upper force of nature. You can call it the Creator or just nature in general.

If we do not improve ourselves in the quality of bestowal and love for the world around us, do not suppress our egoistic quality and do not develop the quality of altruism in ourselves, then we are within the framework of psychology.

This can be said both with respect to man and, to some extent, with respect to the animal, vegetative and even still levels of nature, which are below the level of “man.” By studying them, we practically study the psychology of our world, the reactions of interaction between all organisms and the governing force of nature.

But if we want to change ourselves in accordance with the upper force of nature, then we are already entering the realm of Kabbalah.

Psychology is designed to make people feel better and more confident in our world and only within the limited frame originally given to us by nature.

The alternative to it is that a person can develop himself above these limits, rise above his egoism, begin to explore the world in the quality of bestowal directed at others and not at himself, and then he will begin to study the second side of his essence, which is called “soul.”

The science of Kabbalah deals with this so that a person can go beyond our world, find out what really exists outside of it. After all, within the limits of our world, he only feels himself and what he captures inside himself.

But since our perception device is very limited, then, by developing ourselves to the quality of interconnectedness, love, bestowal, filling the world of others, we begin to feel reality in a different way. We feel a force that exists outside of us and affects us from the outside.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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