Jewish Anti-Semites: Paradox Or Pattern?

400Question: Currently anti-Israel Jewish organizations are appearing, like the Jewish Voice for Peace. Actually, they call for the destruction of the State of Israel and they don’t see it as anti-Semitic. Why are so many Jews beginning to want the destruction of the Jewish state?

Answer: It is because we have reached such a state in history where we must create the central part of humanity, to be an example of unity and lead the world after us, since it is exactly this that the nations of world expect from us!

If they blame us for something, it means that they claim that they are dependent on us! And if they hate us, it means that we are really a force, that we are like a bone in their throats, and they cannot ignore our position in the world. From their attitude we can understand that they recognize that we are a negative force, and a big one! And we must understand what the reason for anti-Semitism is and not bury our heads in the sand.

First of all, when Jews refuse to carry out their mission (although most of them don’t even know about it), they look for ways to survive; one of the ways is the same grotesque anti-Semitism where they come to hate the State of Israel even more than the anti-Semitics of other nations.

Secondly, they really are against the State of Israel! I follow them and have seen this during the last 10-15 years. At least once a year I visit the United States and give lectures to various audiences. I feel and see that the Jews have gone through a very serious transformation from support, love, commitment, and faith for Israel to the exact opposite state of being totally against. They are convinced that in this way they can survive in a safer way, justify their existence, and hide in a place that is far away and isolated so that no one will see and blame them. Lately, it has developed to the point of Jewish anti-Semitic organizations hiding under the slogan “anti-Israel” instead of anti-Semitic.

Nothing will help! They will continue to pursue, hate, and destroy, as well as Israelis. Anti-Semites don’t differentiate if you are a good or bad Jew. If you are a Jew, you are already bad.

Question: As it turns out, a Jew can also be anti-Semitic?

Answer: Even bigger ones! The most distinctive example is Tomás de Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor of Spain. Throughout the entire history of humanity there was no one more cruel than him; he so persecuted the Jews, expelled them from Spain, and caused them so much harm! He was worse than Hitler although he was himself of Jewish origin.
From the Webinar 5/8/16

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