Through Whom Do The Laws Of Governance Pass?


Comment: I recently spoke with a highly educated woman who said: “Well done to the Jews. They know how to control the whole world.” She expressed a feeling shared by many people that the Jews control everything. Yet in fact, there is no such control at all!

My Response: It doesn’t matter. People subconsciously feel this through some inner feeling.

Question: This is not about control, but rather a task that the Jews must fulfill?

Answer: That’s the problem: no matter what the Jews themselves understand, do, or feel, the laws of governance still pass through them, although they seem to have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Question: What is the Kabbalah Academy, KabU, doing to spread this information around the world?

Answer: We disseminate absolutely everywhere and to absolutely everyone. There are books and other publications in many languages.

Question: Should Jews living outside of Israel should also get involved in this? Or does it only apply to those who live here [Israel]?

Answer: The internal laws of the development of nature and society have led us to a state where we all together involuntarily begin to pass the upper governance through ourselves over animate, vegetative, and still nature.

In principle, today the Jews have, so to speak, fulfilled their role, and what they have left to do is only to pass on to and involve all of humanity in this process.
From KabTV’s “Algorithms Instead of People” 8/4/21

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