Breakthrough Is Ahead

259.02Comment: You say that an important role in revealing the true nature of the universe should be performed by the Jewish people that Kabbalah calls “Israel,” which is not a nation, but a spiritual quality, a direction toward this goal.

Nevertheless, the egoism that has matured in the society of these people is holding back the emergence of a force capable of correcting something.

My Response: True, but still there is a silver lining. Proceeding precisely from this egoistic property, which Israel is saturated with, the people will still cry out that they can no longer bear their terrible egoism, and will try to escape from it, meaning from themselves.

It is then that the opportunity to rise above one’s nature to the property of bestowal and love will manifest in a person. I see this breakthrough ahead.

Question: Must this breakthrough necessarily happen through suffering, new victims, and endless conflict with the external environment of Israel? Or is it possible to come to this in a more gentle way?

Answer: In general, both yes and no. The fact is that any change still goes through disagreement, some experiences, comprehension, rising above oneself, acceptance of something new. What was previously considered good becomes bad and the best is seen ahead. That is, the law of negation still works here.
From KabTV’s “Algorithms Instead of People” 8/4/21

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