How to See Good Instead of Evil

963.1Question: Tatiana Naumova is simply screaming, in her letter it is written in capital letters: “Tell me, how is it possible to cover this evil with love?! How?!” She gives a link to terrible footage of murders and rapes. Scary footage!

Actually, there are a lot of things in the world today that cannot be covered with love. What would you say about this?

Answer: The fact is that there is only one problem—what a person enters into. If he closes his eyes and enters the world of contradictions, murders, lies, robberies, and everything else, meaning, into the world of evil, then, of course, this is the opposite state. There is no way out of this world.

However, if he nevertheless imagines a world of goodness that is not clearly revealed before us, but we can still imagine it, then he can awaken within himself great desires for such a state and cause their revelation from above. Then everything that he saw as evil, he will gradually see as good.

Question: Even the most terrible things?

Answer: He will not see the most terrible things. He simply will not be seeing them.

Question: What will these pictures, all this horror be replaced with for him?

Answer: It will be replaced with good. Try and you will see.

Question: It is very difficult! I see a clear, terrible evil more and more today. I see evil! What will I see?

Answer: You will see the opposite. That the world is absolutely good, all people love each other, and no one does anyone any harm. How can this be?!

My eyes and my ears say the opposite. They will tell you the opposite of what they are saying now. Everything will change to the opposite.

Question: Should this be accepted as a postulate?

Answer: Not a postulate, but an assumption that you are being told about the fact that you can attain the world in a different form, inverse of what you are attaining now.

Question: You said, “You can.” If I will sort of build it for myself, force myself, think like this, enter it, that this entire world that I see is not that world, evil is not evil, but all this good, is this how I should work?

Answer: Yes. Try and you will see.

Comment: We should advise this to everyone. The entire world needs this today.

My Response: Yes, of course. People will come to this. They will see that it is simply impossible to go on like this, and they will begin to hear such advice.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/12/22

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