How Can Evil Be Eradicated In The World?

547.05Comment: Armen writes to you: “I want to eradicate evil from this world. I hate evil, teach me how to do it.”

My Response: It is very simple! To do this, you must accept one and simple axiom, that all evil is only within you. If this evil did not exist, you would not feel it and would not see it in any manifestations around you.

The evil that Armen sees is a projection of his evil and he sees it from the outside. Therefore, it seems to him that this is bad and that is bad, and so on. That is, he sees evil everywhere in inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human qualities. How can you make sure that you see only good? Correct yourself.

Question: Let’s say I see evil, hotspots, and so on. How can I eradicate the evil within me?

Answer: Be patient and come to us. I cannot recommend anything else. Then gradually, day by day, you will master the method of eliminating evil and approaching good.

This is, in principle, the main thing that the wisdom of Kabbalah studies.

Question: Is it being revealed today because such a time has come?

Answer: Yes, today almost everything is already open. Now we just have to master it in practice.

Question: Is this your main advice?

Answer: I cannot advise anything else. Everything else in our world will collapse and die, disappear. Only everything that is necessary for the recognition of evil and good will remain.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/3/22

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