What Should A Leader Be Like?

631.1Question: How does the feeling of slight superiority over others affect our psyche? Let’s say a person suddenly gets power in some department at work, I am not talking about state power over millions of people. What is going on in the psyche of a person?

Answer: A person should receive such an education that makes him feel not higher, but lower than others in order to make an effort to pull himself up to the others. He must feel that he still lacks something to be like others.

In such a state he has the opportunity to grow. After all, when he feels his flaws, he has the opportunity to grow and the opportunity to control. If he loses the feeling of his flaw, then he loses the opportunity even to lead, to position himself correctly in this world.

A leader should see others above himself.

Question: But he is a leader after all. He looks at the people and he sees that he is smarter and stronger.

Answer: It is in this that he is a leader, that he sees others above himself and understands that he still needs to grow for the sake of others and seek all kinds of methods of self-improvement. By studying himself and the opportunities he has to rise above himself, he understands what he can teach others.

It is in this state that a person can begin to control others. It is because the feeling of my being lower than others is actually an elevated feeling: “I am above others in this, I am better than others in this, I am special in that I feel lower than others.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/22/22

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