I’m Sorry I Gave Birth To You

962.1Comment: Anna writes, “Dear Michael Laitman, I am so inclined to say to my children: ‘Forgive me that I gave birth to you in this terrible world.’ I just cannot tell you how much I am afraid for them.”

There are more and more such letters.

My Response: There is nothing we can do about it. We must believe that we are in the complete control of the Creator and therefore, we must continue our life as much as possible, and as much as we understand it, in some kind of proximity to Him, that is, in the quality of bestowal, in the quality of connection between everybody, and to wish that the world would unite.

I think that we will still try to come to general correction in a good way, although if not, then, of course, the same kind force that is prepared for us in order to bring us closer to each other will be felt by us very harshly.

Comment: But you are talking to an ordinary, down to earth person who wants to live a simple, normal life.

My Response: It does not matter what he wants. What matters is what he has to do.

Question: Will we not be able to just live a simple life anymore?

Answer: No, we will not be able to. We will simply be tormented by upper forces that must bring us closer to each other and teach us how to interact with each other correctly until the Creator is revealed between us as a force of good, the force of love, the force of connection.

Can you imagine how much more we need to mature before that?

Comment: I can imagine. A person does not want to.

My Response: No one wants to suffer. Yet, we should not want suffering, rather we should want to make the world a better place without being forced to it by suffering.

Comment: Especially women who give birth to children who want their children to feel good in the future.

My Response: Naturally. This is the best force in nature. It is they who should make the entire world and all men to think about peace, about good connection, and about correction, precisely for the sake of their children.

Question: So, will we be having children anyway?

Answer: We have to! This process must continue. We will still come to peace in the world. The problem is in which way. We must try to explain to everyone that there is an opportunity to reach common connection, good connection, not in an evil way, not with the help of our nature, which will force us to correct ourselves, but in a good way where we ourselves understand that the process of correction can also happen with our participation.

There are two ways between us to reach the same goal. We will try to reach it in a good way.

Question: What is required of an ordinary person?

Answer: To try to find good connections with other people. And to tell everyone how crucial it is. Otherwise, nature will force us to do this in an evil way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/16/21

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