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538Question: When a question about the meaning of life is revealed in a person, is it important how one uses it? Is it important to understand that this is qualitatively a new desire that gives me the opportunity to rise to another level?

Answer: Yes, but only if you have a solution to the question: “What is next beyond this life?” Moreover, it must be reality and not what they promise you, for example, “If you kill fifty people, then you will immediately go to heaven with a hundred houris.”

Without taking anyone’s word for it, you can actually discover for yourself the next course of our existence beyond our body, you can exit it now and begin to comprehend the true reality. You still live in this life, and immediately its next level goes over the top here; you continue it and see that it is endless and perfect. Then it’s worth living and otherwise it’s not.

Today we do not want to have children. What for? Why? When I see what life is like and how people suffer, I invest in a child and educate him, for what? So that from the age of 15 he begins to feel unhappy? He himself subconsciously asks: “Why did you give birth to me?”

Therefore if I do not answer my question about the meaning of my life and my children, then our earthly existence must end there before the sun goes out.

Look at what is happening with Europe. There are negative demographics all around. Is it hard for us to live? Not hard at all! People lived in much worse conditions and gave birth to fifteen children. And now there is no point even in one child because a person is so empty inside that he feels this emptiness in his continuation.

And here it is in our generation that Kabbalah is revealed and provides us with the opportunity to reveal a perspective that will change our whole life.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Summing Up” 4/7/10

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