Purim – A Lucky Lot

276.02Among all the days in the year there is one special day, which is called “Purim” from the word “Lot” (Pur), the chance that you will win a prize, get lucky. On the one hand, we must hope for a happy fate and prepare for it, but on the other hand, everything comes from above and depends on the Creator, on the way He will make this holiday, this day for us.

In fact, we are not talking about a holiday, but about a special spiritual state that is above everything for which we can prepare. This is why it is called Purim, like a drawing of a lot, which determines who gets lucky.

We are required to give the “awakening from below,” that is, the hope that we will be rewarded with a great light and, as a result, a great correction of our desires. We also need to have the strength to receive this great light in order to bestow, and to attain the entire creation, the entire state of the final correction, which is already waiting to be revealed to us.

Even though spirituality is above time and space, nonetheless, there are symbols of spiritual phenomena in our world, and therefore, there is a special illumination during these days that we can use. Therefore, when we study articles about the Purim holiday on this day, we too become incorporated in this special light that can influence and advance us.

The holiday of Purim is dedicated to the events that took place two and a half thousand years ago in Ancient Babylon, when the royal minister Haman decided to destroy all Jews. The Jews (Yehudim) represent the desire for connection, for unity, and Haman is an inner force that prevents us from uniting, that is, resists correction.

We just need to yearn to be together, above egoistic desire, despite its resistance. Everything depends on how much we will be able to maintain this unity, despite all the disturbances that are so massive today, come from the lowest degree, and affect our very existence starting from ordinary life and up to spiritual heights. But we nevertheless want to be together and cover all crimes with love.

Despite the fact that there may be disagreements and even hatred between friends, we still want to be in the same heart with them. Crimes are sent by the Creator, and we want to rise above them with help of our connection and we ask the Creator for strength for this.

With all our resistance and rejection, we nevertheless want to unite so that all the pluses and minuses, all the forces of connection and separation, would gather together, that is, a Kli in which the Creator will be revealed is built. If we build connection above separation, then we win big.

The main thing is to ask for connection between everyone and the revelation of one force that will unite us. Connecting with friends is the most correct action and it directs us to the final correction. The Creator purposely broke the common soul, and we need to ask Him to connect it back together.

Therefore, we make every effort to connect, and discover that we are completely incapable of any action toward connection, from the smallest up to the one common, largest one. Then we ask the Creator for help. In this way, we correct our Kli by clinging to the Creator in all the ways that have been revealed inside the shattering, and thus, we reach the final correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/22, “Purim

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