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Laitman_154Question: If a person will come to the Creator in any case, then why overload ourselves with reading endless books?

Answer: There is no need to overload yourself with anything. You just need to understand that a person acts according to his desire and there cannot be any coercion here. The wisdom of Kabbalah offers itself to people who feel the need for their own realization at the highest level. But for this, a person must have an inner desire.

I had a desire to reveal the meaning of life. I did not want to know anything apart from this. I understood that all the rest was invented by man, but the meaning of life should come from the highest level of nature, perhaps of reason.

Question: At what age did you start to feel this?

Answer: At the age of six or seven I had to know this. However, for me this was mixed with my interest in anthropology and cosmology, I wanted either to dig into the ground or to go into space beyond the Earth’s boundaries. Everything else—to be a builder, a doctor, an aircraft designer—was of little interest to me.

If a person has an aspiration to reveal the meaning of life, and only small number of people have this desire, then he begins to study Kabbalah. He must unearth this secret within himself. And not from point of view of religion in order to believe in something, but exactly in order to reveal.

In other words, there are hidden forces that need to be revealed. When we part this screen, we will see what stands behind the shell of our world. We must attain this absolutely clearly, without any imaginary thoughts and desires, only in our sensory organs.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/14/17

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