It Is Impossible to Become Wise Without Practice

219.03Question: Many famous people claim that in the pursuit of such fulfillments as fame, wealth, etc., there is nothing but emptiness. Can it be that life itself shows us by example that we should strive in a different direction?

Answer: It does not matter. We can even see this in the lottery, with its horrendous statistics. Most people who won millions ended up very badly: financial ruin, divorces, robberies, violence, and accidents.

See how nature plays with us. Who would not want to win today after all this? There is no such person who would refuse to win. If a person who knows what happened to the previous hundred winners is now given a lottery ticket and asked: “Will you be the hundred and first?”, he will answer: “Yes. This will not happen to me.”

Question: Why? Where does this idea come from?

Answer: Because no one is wiser than the individual who has gone through all these tests.

Question: So a person must still go through it personally, pass through it himself?

Answer: One must! Otherwise, one will not have this impression, he will not listen to you anyway. We must go through all these states, and only after they roll over us like a steamroller that kneads us, do we become wiser. It is impossible to become wise without practice.

But if a person can attract the upper light to himself, then he will pass through these states not physically under blows, but internally, rationally, spiritually. We must give him this opportunity. If he does not use it, then on the level of our world he must go through all this, as they say, to feel it on his own skin.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Summing Up” 4/7/10

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