The First Condition For Approaching The Creator

527.03Rabash, Article No. 1 “Purpose of Society-1”: …the Creator has given us the chance to be in a society where each of us has but a single goal: for The Shechina [Divinity] to be among us.

The Creator gave us the opportunity to create such connections between us, such relationships that would be similar to Him in properties.

We do not want anything else! If we do not want to remain at the level of animals that live for a certain number of years and then rot, but wish to rise even egoistically to the level of the Creator (if we have such predispositions, that is good), then we must understand that the entire ascent means revealing the Creator between us!

This is the very first condition that a person must understand, realize, and accept and that initially, a priori, will be in all his actions: I want to reveal the Creator between us.

As soon as a person begins to realize that he must move only in this direction, he already enters into mastering the science of Kabbalah because he begins to draw closer to the property of connection with others and rejects properties that alienate him from others.

Both those and other properties remain in us and between us, they are all necessary. It is upon the oppositeness of these properties that we reveal the Creator, as it is written: “The advantage of light from darkness.”

Therefore, the most important thing is to approach the Creator and His revelation, which is the purpose of our existence and the existence of everything on Earth. This is the ascent from the animate level we are at now to the level of Adam. Not just “man,” but Adam from the word “Domeh, similar to the Creator.” To the degree of this similarity to the Creator, which we create in the connection between us, we will move forward.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us” Lesson 1

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