Meeting The Creator On The Steps Of The Ladder

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is this system called Israel, by means of which it is possible to solve all of our problems if we learn to work with it correctly?

Answer: In all of creation one unique force of bestowal and love is at work, besides which there is nothing. It is called the upper force, the Creator, because it created all of reality.

And likewise, this force is called Creator (Boreh) from the words, “come and see” (Bo ve Reh), because we need to discover it. The goal of creation is to discover the Creator, as it is written: “For they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33).

So that we can attain the goal as rapidly as possible, the upper force acts and influences us all the time and calls to us to discover Him. Approaching spirituality means to resemble the Creator. The Creator is good, and you  need to become good too.Just like He is merciful and kind, so should you be merciful and kind” (Talmud Yerushalmi Peah 3:1).

It follows that we must keep improving ourselves, not do to another what is hateful to us, and  love the other like yourself, as it is written, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Leviticus 19:18). And this is possible if we become like the higher force, the Upper Light.

Meetings On The Steps Of The Ladder
 The Creator created the evil inclination by which we are separated from each other and do not want the spiritual world, development, or advancement. But if we reach the awareness that this desire is bad, then we can correct ourselves with the help of the Torah, meaning with the help of the Light that Reforms.

The Torah is the remedy for our evil inclination, for the ego. The Light can heal us and transform the ego into its opposite: a desire for bestowal and love. The power of bestowal is called the Creator, the good and benevolent, the Light. This Light influences us and when it illuminates more strongly, then we feel bad, since we feel the evil instead of the good because we have not adjusted to it.

The more strongly the Light approaches us, the more evil we feel ourselves to be. All of the bad feelings also come from the Light, from the Creator, about which it is written: “I will place over you a king like Haman who will return you to the good against your will” (Sanhedrin 97b).

By fleeing from evil, we approach the Light a bit. But this way is called the way of suffering, “in its time.” But we can begin to correct ourselves by our own initiative and create the good force, that is, build a group. A group is a collection of people who nullify their egos and begin to make themselves like the force of bestowal.

To the degree that we bring ourselves in accord with the Creator, we approach Him willingly. In such a way we advance, don’t remain His opposite, and don’t flee from the blows. Rather, we are attracted towards Him by our own efforts. We don’t wait to be pushed from behind by suffering that obliges us to run; rather, we hasten towards the Creator by ourselves, and we want Him. This is a positive movement.

Question: What does it mean to advance and move towards the Creator?

Answer: In nature there exists a simple law of adaptation by which objects approach each other according to the degree of their equivalence of form, equivalence of their characteristics. So if we develop the power of bestowal within us, we approach Him. And through getting nearer to Him, we come under His good influence and feel our development as good.

Question: How can a group of people create this power?

Answer: This power is discovered through the connection between us. This is a unique group comprised of ten people who give up their egos to attain a place of common connection. They leave their egos behind and want to unite in a new place. This is called becoming “like one person with one heart.” The common place in which they are all connected is called “one heart.” In this way they become like the Creator through their desire to bestow. For indeed, they want to bestow mutually to each other and reach bestowal to the Creator through this. It follows that they get closer to the Creator within their desire, He comes to meet them, and they meet at some point.

After this, they add another desire to bestow to themselves and meet with the Creator, becoming closer and closer to Him, until they reach full resemblance to and equivalence with Him. This is how Israel acts, which is someone who yearns for the Creator, Yashar-El” (directly to the Creator). On this path there are 125 spiritual levels or five upper worlds, which is the whole of our reality.

The beginning of this way in which we are now found is called, “this world” (Olam ha Zeh) and its final point is called the “end of correction” (Gmar Tikkun).
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/20/14

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