True Judgment

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Peace”: “Now that we have learned all the above, we can understand an unclear phrase in “Masechet Avot” (Chapter 3, Item 16). It reads as follows: “He (Rabbi Akiva) would say, ‘All is in deposit, and a fortress spreads over all of life. The store is open and the shopkeeper sells by deferred payment, the book is open and the hand writes. And all who wish to borrow may come and borrow, and the collectors return regularly, day-by-day, and collect from a person knowingly and unknowingly. And they have what to rely on, and the judgment is true, and all is ready for the feast.’”

Question: What is “true judgment?”

Answer: Judgment is according to the relations of the Lights and the vessels. There is a law that although the Light (+) and the vessel (-) are opposite from one another and there is a huge gap between them that is divided into 125 degrees, the vessel still has to move with its attributes towards the Light through all these levels. This is the first principle—equivalence of form.

We were given 6000 years in which we can go by two paths in order to reach equivalence of form.

In addition, humanity is divided into two groups:

  • Israel (GE) – that yearn to reach the Creator by themselves.
  • The nations of the world (AHP) who were not given this yearning.

Thus there are rules that are not determined by us. In this world, we don’t choose anything; all our desires are managed from above. The Light comes and evokes a certain deficiency in the desire and leaves us no choice but to try to fulfill it. Why? We are not asked.

The desire comes first and the mind and the different accounts are the outcome. They are the means that allow us to escape the sufferings since a deficiency that is not fulfilled and sufferings are actually the same thing. Only later do we acquire deficiencies that are felt as pleasures thanks to the yearning for love.

This development can be compared with the roller that is moving on us from behind and forces us to run forward. This is the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) of the first type (OM I), general, shining on everyone, protecting and advancing everyone in a mandatory way. We think that the world is ruled by politicians, the elite, etc., but in fact, as it is written, “The hearts of ministers and king’s are in the hands of the Creator.”

But in addition, there is the Surrounding Light of the second type (OM II). This is our Light; it applies to those who have the point in the heart (•). It affects us, moves us forward, makes us get up to study at 3 in the morning in order to change ourselves, to help humanity, etc.

True Judgment
The law operates here too since we were not asked whether we wanted to be awakened or not. In The Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot, Item 4, Baal HaSulam says: “The Creator Himself puts one’s hand on the good fate.”

Which means that He brings a person to choose the environment and says: “‘Choose for yourself a good part in My land.’ He places him on the good part and tells him: ‘Choose this for yourself.’”

You will strengthen the Surrounding Light by incorporating in the group. This is already the very personal Light that a person can provoke by himself thus creating the beginning of his connection with the Creator.

So when I make great efforts in the group, I begin to establish the relationship with Him only in the group, since it cannot be done outside the group. Only here can I connect with the source of the Light. This means that it isn’t about the Light or the changes that it evokes, not even about the group, and certainly not about me. The only important thing is that it ties me to the source, to the Creator. Everything else is just the means.

And so if I build a chain, I do all that is required: I evoke the Light, incorporate in the group, and annul myself before the friends. The most important thing is to constantly develop and to strengthen my connection with the source of the Light. Thus I work with the private Surrounding Light according to the private arrangement that is in accordance with the group and the general global development.

Question: Does that mean that I have to totally justify the judgment and understand that it is right?

Answer: There is no judgment from above. The Creator brings you to the group and tells you “Choose for yourself.” In other words, grow stronger in it, work with the friends, and continue to advance.

He “places your hand on the good part,” so do you choose it or not? If you don’t, then to the same extent that you ignore your role, you immediately summon trouble upon yourself. Not only is your personal incompleteness taken into account here, but also the negative outcome that will affect everyone. All this returns to you like a boomerang and begins to pressure you. So it isn’t the Creator who sends us all the problems. Only love stems from Him. You discover this later.

So why did you feel so bad? Because you didn’t fulfill your role towards yourself and towards others and so you felt the outcome of your failures. Because of your lack of understanding, you thought that it stems from Him, but in fact it is you who caused your own troubles by yourself. When you eventually see that, you don’t have any complaints to the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/28/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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