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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are now disseminating integral education. Basically, this is actually the wisdom of Kabbalah that has been adapted for use with the masses. I would like to know the relationship in percentages, how much should be invested in internal dissemination and how much in external dissemination?

Answer: Usually scientists investigating the different effects and phenomena of nature, put everything in formulas and graphs depicting the dependencies.  Then, based on this, they begin to examine the appropriate materials, and after experimentation they translate everything into practical technological processes required for life.

Before technological development reaches the store shelves it goes through a long process. In the beginning scientists are involved with formulas, graphs, physics, mathematical calculations, and apparatus. And then you will see the devices packaged in boxes in stores. Every housewife can buy, let’s say, a microwave, put it in the kitchen, plug it in, and heat up rolls.

Can you imagine the path of development from the study of microwaves and their impact on various objects, etc. to the housewife warming up pie for her family! Even though she is not familiar with the principle of how the device works, this doesn’t interest her. She only knows that it is necessary to set a particular temperature, a particular time, and then she will get warm pie. This is also physics and its utilization.

That is how it is with the wisdom of Kabbalah. It explains the structure of the world, the forces that influence us. But according to the level of the person, he could learn it as advanced physics, namely the inner nature of things, or as a practical application on himself.

We investigate the wisdom of Kabbalah in its pure form, with the help of graphs, formulas, and a large volume of complex texts. You yourselves know how many years it can be studied, but not be fully explored. But in practice, it only explains the interaction between two forces—the positive and the negative—as they are correlated and integrated in the bond between them, the resulting environment that is formed between them, how we can change so it is comfortable and beneficial for a person so that these forces can be used more effectively. But the problem is, in order to use these forces correctly, a person must be corrected.

Apparently we don’t use the cooperation between these two forces (the positive and the negative) on the level of our internal characteristics, but on the egoistic level, we try to enslave not only all of nature, but the family, the nation, all of humanity and the entire earth, and make of them whatever may come to mind.

And this becomes possible for us to a certain extent but not more because nature doesn’t allow this. That is, it isn’t possible for us to manage the same two forces on the next level. This level is revealed to us only to the degree that our form becomes equal to these two forces. Rather it is only if the person begins to change his nature that he can then use these forces and manage them.

Our world is a space in which we exist with our egoistic nature, because that is how we were born and developed, and within this framework we can use the positive and negative force in an allowable range.

The next levels are 125 levels of opposition between these two forces. These are not just levels of strength or ability, rather they are new qualitative levels, from which, due to the connection between them, completely new life forms are created. We are not prepared to penetrate into this, since it is possible to understand these levels above us only to the degree that we become equalized with them.

Currently, all of humanity has entered into the latest crisis because it has already evolved to a level for which it must change and rise from the lowest level to the next level. We are beginning to feel this now.

The transition to the next stage involves a change in our nature from egoistic to altruistic. And here a problem is aroused. We are learning how to change our nature based upon the fact that we ourselves are attracted to this. But most people are not attracted to anything, so nature and the crisis will force them to be involved with this.

They will not be occupied in it as we are. We learn the method itself, the structure, the cooperation between the two forces, the energy field between them, the Lights, the mingling between the forces. All of this can be translated into the language of pure physics or the language of emotion because everything goes through the person or into other forms of expression. We are familiar with this from our sources.

And the common man, who is not pulled forward like us, must nevertheless rise to the next level, for life will push him through suffering; he will not have to do this. He is like the housewife who uses the microwave. We only need to show him, to teach him, what to press and everything will be all right.

And it is necessary to think about this. Therefore it is up to us to rewrite this method in the most simple and accessible form, for our physical and our spiritual future depends on this. Which is to say, if we want to reach discovery of the next level, the next stage, even the next dimension (although this sounds mystical, we are not mystics), then it is up to us to adapt the method to ourselves and rewrite it in a simple form for others.

If we take a textbook about the laws of Newton on the university level, we see that these formulas are quite complicated, but in school we learn them as short and abstract formulas: mass, velocity, acceleration, free fall, and so on. Exactly like this we must rewrite all of our complex laws, the integral relationships in their simplest form. This is a very serious problem and we must take care of it.

We learn about the relationship between the two forces according to the relationships between a man and a woman in a family or parents with children or other relationships on the physical level or in the connection between two systems: positive and negative in the form of Abba ve Ima or ZON or Arik Anpin and Atik. Even though the names change, the principle remains the same, a linkage between plus and minus. Depending on the strength of the relationship between them, the height of the system to which they give birth is established.

Through conversations about “A New Life” or discussions of other subjects, my interior is not changed at all, since for me it is the same diagram. This is exactly how it is at the time of the lesson, during the three hours we jump from subject to subject; however, I don’t get exhausted at all, I could teach another ten hours. You would get tired, but I wouldn’t because for me there is one model.
From the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13, Lesson 3

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