A Warm Up Meal

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Peace”: …when all the trouble and toil and anguish that befall us through time will seem like a host who greatly troubles himself to prepare a great feast for the invited guests. And he compares the anticipated goal that must finally be revealed to a feast, whose guests attend with great delight. This is why he says, “and the judgment is true, and all is ready for the feast.”

So, there is a meal and the guests should be invited. The guests should have a healthy appetite, which means they should be hungry and have a deficiency that is big enough to match the desire of the host. He has prepared everything for them, but the problem is that the guests cannot be indifferent to the meal but should really want this filling. Their desire should be revealed in them independently, according to their freewill.

We know how unpleasant it can be to be hungry if there is no meal in sight. However, we shouldn’t see it in advance since, if we see it, by that we diminish our appetite and we would reach the table without the appropriate preparation, without a real yearning, which is the most important thing.

Therefore, the lower must do something in order to prepare for the meal. It is about a very thorough and “cunning” preparation. It isn’t the host who awakens the guest, but rather the guest himself who prepares all the necessary deficiencies in order to taste with gusto all the delicacies that the host has prepared for him. What is more, he should eat only for the sake of the host and not for his own sake.

We mustn’t use our appetite naturally. We mustn’t be filled by pleasures that our ego is used to. We first must go through an entire series of gradual corrections, until the guest rises to the same level as the host. There, it isn’t about a meal anymore. It isn’t in first place anymore; it disappears. Their spirit is above the meal and independent of the food that is served.

The created being must go through a series of gradual changes in his deficiency. First, he yearned for minor material pleasures only for his own sake, totally detached from the host. During the first phase, there was a need for the simplest pattern of pleasure and suffering in order to get started and experience this feeling.

Later, however, the clarification is directed at a higher level and not just in order to receive the refreshments from the host who serves it. Our relationship becomes more personal and new questions come up above the account of give and take, and new layers are revealed.

It is only the guest who develops, of course, until he feels that he must simply return the host a favor since otherwise, he will burn with shame.

Later, it turns out that the problem is not to nullify the shame at all, but that it is rather very good that I feel it since, thanks to it, I can feel my bestowal upon the host and enjoy it much more that any of the food that is on the table. No matter how much there is, it is only on the level of Nefesh, and the chance to bring the host contentment is already on the level of Ruach.

Later, I receive the refreshments from him, but only for his sake, and this is already the level of Neshama.

However, I still feel the outcome in me, while true bestowal has to be unconditional, pure, and without any demand for a reward. I simply want to bestow, to rise above any outcome of the efforts I have made. I have been through the whole way, and now I don’t even want to know that my bestowal reaches the Creator. The main thing is that He will feel good, and it does not matter if He doesn’t know from whom He receives this goodness, whether it is from me or from others. This is the level of the Light of Haya.

Thus, we attain it independent of the accounts between the guest and the host at the table with the refreshments. This is the Light of Yechida.

By ascending the levels of bestowal, a person attains the Creator.

In this process only the guest changes and the deficiency that he acquires becomes his own genuine deficiency. He must be detached from the host in order to find himself with a new deficiency each time despite the revelation of the Creator.

Our problem is to keep the point of detachment, the “something from nothing.” The guest relies on it more and more, and emphasizes it more and more, since without this point, he has no right to exist.

The meal and all the Lights and the vessels that are related to Him remain only until the end of correction when we reveal the host and are in adhesion with Him.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/19/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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