“Until The Day Withers And Shadows Will Flee…”

Dr. Michael LaitmanLet’s imagine that there is a gate that opens and closes automatically when a person comes near. This gate checks a person’s deficiency, and if it isn’t enough, he is not allowed to enter.

Everything is ready for the meal and the host is waiting for the guests. But He is waiting for them according to their desire to unite, only if they want to unite with Him. This is checked according to their readiness to connect among each other, so that the connection will really be with the intention of in order to bestow.

If you have the true yearning and deficiency, you will be allowed to enter. Here there can be two levels. The first is when a person succeeds, but hasn’t developed enough appetite yet, enough desire for the meal, which means a desire and a yearning to enjoy bestowing upon the Creator.

The guest himself stops himself from receiving anything because he has restricted himself. First we have to reach the height of that guest who is ashamed to receive the meal for free from the host. He is ready to receive it if he can turn his shame into honor, and he will do that for the host. Then he uses all his desires and attributes happily, because he can bestow.

Thus, the guest happily discovers that he has a great appetite, together with the need to use it correctly: to enjoy the refreshments in order to cause the host pleasure.

If a person advances correctly and constantly looks for support for that, he needs the Reforming Light. He begins to think: How is it possible to evoke the Light? In what way? It is only by the prayer of many, together with the friends. This is how they advance.

But on every step of the way there are problems. The additional desire to receive that should be revealed at every new level requires correction. On every level there is a need for correction, because it isn’t some minor change of the desire, but an ascent to a new degree. Every minor change requires the transcendence of all the ten levels of development, ten whole Sefirot.

So a person should repeat all the actions that he performed on the previous level. If in the meantime he doesn’t feel any meaningful difference between the levels, then he thinks that he is repeating the same states. And how long can you? He is tired of repeating the same thing over and over again.

He wants to see some progress, even if there is some retreat. Like in a spinning wheel, he still wants to feel movement forward. If he doesn’t see it, it is a problem.

It may be that he doesn’t see the advancement inside him, but he sees it in others and should be happy about it. But his corrupt ego doesn’t let him rejoice for the success of others. He is not free of his self interest yet.

He is covered by a shadow, and he ceases to feel any advancement. Under such conditions, he loses his appetite for the meal. He suddenly loses his power and begins to criticize all his previous accounts, and to see them as not serious and unrealistic.

With regard to the reality he is in, the reality of this world, it all seems as not serious enough, and not solid enough. Other people deal with things that are understandable, that bring real profit that you can actually feel and deposit in the bank; you can bring the daily wages to the family in the evening and can take pride in the success.

But here there is nothing, everything disappears, like water seeping through the sand! And there is no one you can blame. This is called a shadow.

Therefore, many heroes fall in this battle. We often hear of such cases in different groups. On the one hand, we should feel sorry for these people, just as about someone who dies, because we feel sorry that they died. But on the other hand, in the future they will join the correction, because “the remote will not be rejected,” and “everything returns to its root.”

It doesn’t depend on us. The only thing we can do is to try and grow stronger, build the right supporters and the right “railing” that will support us, and post “policemen and guards.” If we understand that the shadow comes so that we will become stronger, because only in the concealment is it possible to discover the additional desire necessary for the revelation—then we understand that there is no choice and that we must go on.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/12, Shamati #8

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