Not A Step, But Head Over Heels

Dr. Michael LaitmanA group should set a good example for everyone. It is playing what we would like to be, like a child who plays being a grown-up because he dreams of being a grown-up.

In our everyday life, when we advance instinctively by evolution, nature forces us to advance by pushing us from behind by sufferings and by luring us forward with pleasures, by showing us examples from the environment, by evoking our pride, by evoking our passion, our desire to control and other pleasures, making us yearn to grow and achieve more.

This is how nature advances on the levels of the inanimate, the vegetative, and the animate, but man who is the most developed creature on earth advances more than all the other levels. It isn’t enough for him to be born and to acquire the form of a grown-up in a couple of weeks like a beast does. He has to take on a new form in every generation. Nature takes care of that and advances him.

But when he has to grow, as a human being, in a form that is already different from the levels of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate, everything becomes different. We don’t see this difference, because we relate to the human body as to a beastly body; we pay attention to the friend’s face, to the way he behaves in the corporeal world, and to his character. We don’t understand that his spiritual component is totally detached from the body and doesn’t belong to it.

We need this body in order to attain spirituality with it, to attain attributes through it that enable us to connect with the friends internally. But actually, the spiritual form is totally different from the corporeal form, like two different levels. Just as in our world there is an absolute difference between an inanimate stone, the vegetative, and the animate, the human level is also cut by a border called the Machsom, which separates us from the animate level. We can rise to the human level only by urges that we design ourselves. These urges are called: the importance of the spiritual goal, which is the opposite from our corporeal level.

This oppositeness actually exists between all the levels of the inanimate, vegetative and animate. We must understand that in the process of evolution it is impossible to remain in the present state. So you begin to consolidate your powers in order to exit your current state and to move on to the next state, which is more advanced.

The same thing happens in our development. Nature brings us to this point when we feel the need for spiritual development. When we feel the point in the heart inside us, we come to the group. But afterwards we have to find the powers for our development by ourselves.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/12, Writings of Rabash

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