The Protesters Will Pay For The Protests

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The social protest organizers in Israel are planning to start a new wave of protest in the summer, which will be much stronger than the previous one. The profit the elites are making at our expense is really annoying.

Answer: This is true, but where is the solution? The protesters have no solution. All of this has been done before, and we know what the results were. As long as they continue to operate in the egoistic system, such attempts only make the situation worse.

Given the current circumstances, it’s impossible to fulfill the demands of the protesters. There is the army, there are the health and the education systems, there are sectors that receive state funding, and in the framework of the democratic consensus there isn’t much room for games. There are laws in this country.

“What laws!” Let’s take several billion shekels and throw them from one place to another,” you scream. The problem is that everyone has an opinion of his own. We shout slogans in the streets, put up signs, but you can’t change the political system, the national budget.

“We should take money from those people!” you are saying. But how? After all, there are laws and the legislators sit in the parliament. So go into politics or at least into lobbying and start changing things. But when you start a revolution, you are destroying what’s there already and things become even worse. No revolution will ever lead to any good as long as we are in the same egoistic system. There are endless examples of that: Cuba, Russia, Korea, and more.

You are destroying the system that more or less reflects the structure of society. Despite the ego, despite the lies and deception, the voters and the elected match one another. Social pressure may bring down the price of gas by ten agorot, but you won’t actually be able to really change anything here.

Even if you bring millions out to the streets, it won’t help. The only real possible outcome may be the destruction of the state. This is actually what they want, and this can be achieved, but not the correction. Correction is possible only by the Light that Reforms. Magnates and revolutionaries have nothing to do with it.

I am against this approach because it lacks any kind of order. Do you want to change the situation? Go into politics. Do you want to change things? Go to the parliament and change the laws. But instead, you are suggesting to accumulate power and to destroy what already exists. This isn’t building, and it has never led to anything good anywhere.

Mass protests won’t help in any way. They will only cost the state billions, and the masses that demand those billions will be the ones who will have to pay for them, while the leaders will “ride the wave” and find their place in the parliament. Ultimately, it is nothing more than a political game.

Question: But in the meantime people are suffering. How can we help them?

Answer: Imagine Baal HaSulam who saw what was going on during World War II. What was he able to do?

You are asking: Why aren’t we doing anything when people are suffering? The body is suffering. We don’t understand this calculation, and there is no way we can ease this suffering. On the contrary, such attempts only prolong the suffering.

We are trying to “draw” people to prolonged pain instead of a disaster, but nothing more than that. A person must come to the recognition of evil.

On one hand, these protests do hasten the development in some way, but on the other, this hastening is not by the Light that Reforms, and so it costs us dearly. It will bring about many troubles and will weaken our state and society.

We have to do our work. Only unity and connection can help us because they correspond to the Light and draw it. Only as a result of that will we bring about changes for the better.

No other means will help any state. The attempts to solve the problems at the expense of others are worthless. A few cosmetic changes can be made, but on the whole, all the governments are the same. They all speak about the good and don’t mention the bad, and no one will change anything, except for the impression they make on the public. After all, they are all puppets, and as it says: “The hearts of ministers and kings are in the Creator’s hands.”

We have to draw the Light that Reforms. Only the Light can bring about any changes. By the unity among us we will continue to develop. Therefore we say to people that mutual guarantee is the solution to all our problems.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/2012, The Zohar 

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