The Force Of Birthright

Dr. Michael LaitmanTaking into consideration that all creation is the desire to receive pleasure, it doesn’t seem realistic that we can separate ourselves from our egos. But this separation happens only within our calculation when we evaluate how much we “owe” to the ego, how much we need it since without the ego, we are unable to make any action or generate a single thought.

Then the Light that Reforms brings us into a state of real freedom. Only the Light can do it because it adds to man’s desire to receive pleasure the property of bestowal, as if making a new alloy. It’s similar to the laws of valence or creation of new chemical elements. By adding or removing electrons, we produce a new substance. This is the outcome of spiritual laws in our material world.

The property of bestowal descends to a person and takes control over his desire to receive pleasure because it contains the Root. The entire difference between the state of “Lishma” (bestowal) and the preceding state of “Lo Lishma” is not in the presence of the property of bestowal itself, but in our attaining it.

The presence of the property of bestowal doesn’t mean a thing because we still can use it egoistically, meaning “Lo Lishma”! However, when we attain the Root, which is included into the property of bestowal and it comes from Keter rather than Bina, it forces our egoistic desire to surrender. Our ego “understands” that it holds a secondary place, whereas the first place (the desire to bestow) precedes it.

Therefore, our egoism capitulates, thus making us ready to work “Lishma.” Now we acquire energy and fuel to perform actions for the sake of the source of bestowal, rather than for our ego. The desire to receive pleasure subdues—Malchut bows since it “senses” the presence of Keter, the Root that acts within Bina.

Afterwards, we need to enhance this state and raise Malchut as high as possible so that it grows within us. It allows us to get to know Keter better, although we won’t get connected to Him; rather we get acquainted with His core property included within the property of bestowal that clothes itself in us (into our desire to receive pleasure since the matter of creation never disappears).

When a person rises above his desire to receive pleasure and attains the root and the property of bestowal, he is filled with the Light of Hassadim (Mercy) and thus acquires the property of Bina. At this point, he can transition to the Light of Hochma (Wisdom) and to receive for the sake of bestowal, although it is a special work we cannot picture as of yet.

A state of “Lishma” begins at the moment a person becomes able to act for the sake of adhesion with bestowal while still retaining the desire to receive pleasure. He senses the power of the Creator, His properties, and his own source within the Creator, rather than in his desire to receive pleasure.

At this stage, a person ceases to be a faithful ally and a slave of his ego with which he used to be so connected that he didn’t separate himself from it and considered it to be his authentic “self.” Now, he disconnects from it and changes his master consciously, voluntarily, and having worked hard to achieve this state.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson  3/14/2012, Shamati #20

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