Crossing The Machsom Is Counter-Intuitive

intuitive The period of preparation does not mean that we have to prepare to be very patient and wait for this period to pass. It won’t pass unless we do everything in our power for it to be over the very next moment. The right way to “wait” means that at every moment we are ready to put efforts into this, again and again, without ever despairing of it. And at every moment we expect that we will receive a reward now – the force of bestowal, which we demand. We do this over and over again at every moment, without ever getting tired of it.

If we are capable of this, if the states (the entrances and exits) quickly come to replace one another, this is a sign that we really are able to merit a higher, deeper level. The more sins and mistakes we reveal during the preparation period, the more we advance later on when we enter the single and double revelation after the Machsom. That is how we achieve our correction.

During the preparation period, the group has to provide every person with the force of consistency, persistence, confidence and patience, as well as the understanding that we have no choice but to advance in this way. That is how we continue year after year, until we are ready to refuse immediate gratification at every moment and to work even without it. At that point we are worthy of passing the Machsom.

We must have such a great aspiration for the following level that by virtue of our tremendous, passionate, burning desire for bestowal, we are ready to give it up and continue the preparation period. If the Creator wants to give us only this preparation, and we only want to attain bestowal, then we are satisfied with this and we don’t need the Machsom. It is then that we receive it.

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