Pleasure Under A Magnifying Glass

How Can We Stop Being Slaves to the Advertisement Industry Our goal is to discern who we are, what our reality is, who the Creator is, and what qualities we need in order to attain Him. To help us accomplish this, a multitude of different opportunities become revealed to us in life, but the more we spread ourselves thin on them, the more we will suffer. If, on the other hand, we discern them, reduce them and focus on just one aspiration, then we will feel pleasure.

We enjoy only when we reduce the field of our searching, and after making many discernments, concentrate on one single point. When dealing with all the other pleasures and opportunities, we have to discern them one after the other and thus build a special instrument – like a huge glass lens that can focus all of the light that comes to it into one ray. The greater the lens is, the greater is its ability to focus the light and the more light it is able to focus. Eventually it can compress the light to such a small point whose concentration and might are so powerful that anything is possible within that point of Light and desire.

This is obvious in the field of optics, by examining the way lasers work. We can do the same in our inner work when we focus a multitude of different desires within us. That is exactly how we achieve a higher, spiritual force. Everything is built on what is now present inside us. The more our egoistic desire grows, the more we spread ourselves thin on it; we desire everything there is in the world! If it were possible, we would receive everything: money, power, knowledge, and everything else.

But why is it that we see so many different pleasures before us? It’s because that is how fulfillment appears to us in our desire. The entire descent of the worlds from the World of Infinity down to our world consists in multiplying the number of different Lights, desires and pleasures. It is a gradual division of the Direct Light of the World of Infinity into many Lights.

This distancing from Infinity and perfection amounts to a multiplication of qualities, which come out of one point and that we imagine. If we learn to unite all of these multiple qualities together and reach the One, Unique and Indivisible, then we will achieve correction and unity. That is the only way we will eliminate all suffering: by choosing the one force of bestowal, preferring it over all egoistic pleasures. That is how we will ascend upwards.

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