Disturbances And Alien Desires Are The Material We Can Turn Into Love

Building the Third Temple A question I received: How should I deal with powerful desires I have when I discover that they rule over me, such as the desires for honor, power and fame?

My Answer: You shouldn’t do anything to them, and certainly not try to destroy them! Just raise the importance of the goal – the revelation of the Creator, which will take place in these same desires once they are corrected. The importance of the goal has to be higher than all the desires and aspirations that pull you in different directions, and higher than all the thoughts that clutter up your mind.

You should not focus on your problems. After all, you are not your own doctor and you don’t have the power to correct them. You should only raise the importance of the goal and rise above all the problems, as if you aren’t paying any attention to them. You should aspire to the goal using them as the basis. How? By demanding from the group to give you a feeling of the greatness of spirituality, bestowal, and unity with the Creator; in other words – the greatness of connection and love.

In that case, all of these desires will become attached “from below” to your intention to attain the Creator, and that is how they will take on the right form. Whenever these desires and thoughts emerge in you, you should worry about increasing the greatness of the Creator, the quality of bestowal, and the connection with the other souls. Then all of those “sinners” that become revealed in you, meaning all the alien thoughts and disturbances, will add a special direction to your attitude toward the neighbor. Your simple intention to attain bestowal and the Creator will take on a special form and will gain greater power and might.

We have to transform hatred to love, because without it, love would have no form. What do you love, how, why and what do you get out of it? The Light that comes from Above is a pure Force; it transforms your evil to goodness, but it cannot perform an action in a vacuum. It transforms the hatred, repulsion, disturbances and confusion to goodness.

That is why we shouldn’t erase all of these disturbances, but rather, we have to aspire to the Light that Reforms using the disturbances as a basis. Meanwhile, the disturbances will only increase all the time, because without them, we wouldn’t have anything that could be turned to goodness.

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