The Only Place To Meet The Creator

528.02If I do not see success, it means I am not working in the group. It is impossible to reveal the Creator alone. You must be in the ten in order to do this.

The person is inside the group and the group is inside the Creator. I cannot bypass the group and break through to the Creator; I must connect with it, and only after that will I reach the Creator. After all, I myself have no vessels, no ten Sefirot for communication with the Creator.

I have only one Sefira Malchut, so I have to annul myself before the group, which are my first nine Sefirot. Then I will have the full ten Sefirot, and with them I can reach the Creator. It is a law of nature and it does not work in any other way. If I do not work in a group, I will not come to the revelation of the Creator.

Everything starts with my annulment to the group. This means that I exit my individual perception and become included in the group, and then together with my friends I already face the Creator. Therefore it is said: “From the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.”

The group is not just a springboard for jumping to the Creator, but a vessel inside which I reveal the Creator. I have to prepare the Kli for feeling the Creator by becoming included in external desires and nullifying myself. To the extent that I nullify myself toward the group, I can feel how the Creator is also nullified toward all of creation.

This is a very strict principle by which the system of nature works, and we cannot change it. If we accept it we will reveal the Creator, and if we do not accept it, we will not reveal Him. The group is a vessel for revealing the Creator. After all I am just one point, one pixel, and I cannot do anything alone. I need friends, preferably ten of them.

I become included in the friends as Malchut in the nine upper Sefirot and accept their egoistic desires through my nullification. It turns out that I already have a Kli in which I am included above my ego, and therefore I can reveal the Creator. The rest of the friends will reveal the Creator according to the efforts each of them made. Maybe I feel the Creator at the 8th degree, and someone has nullified himself more and feels Him at the 15th degree, and another one even more, and so on until the 125th degree.

I have nothing to look for within myself by delving into my egoism. There is nothing but egoism within me. The Creator can be revealed only above egoism. Therefore when I am included in the group, I get a springboard that allows me to jump above my egoism.

Despite the fact that perhaps my friends are egoists, if I nullify myself before them, then they turn into a Kli for me, a Kli in which I reveal my nullification toward an external desire and toward the Creator. Therefore I reveal the Creator within this Kli.

The Creator is revealed within the friends. It does not matter that the friends are not corrected because I reveal not their qualities, but the Creator, to the extent of my nullification toward them.

Therefore the group is not just a means to jump over to the degree of the Creator. I meet with the Creator within the group to the extent of my inclusion in it! And not only that. The entire common desire of creation that exists in the universe on the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels turns into the matter within which I reveal the Creator.

Therefore it is worth annulling ourselves to the group as much as possible, but always with the intention to reach the Creator through this. In the group everyone builds their own view of the friends in such a way that the upper force can be revealed there.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/17/21, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati #24 “He Will Save Them from the Hand of the Wicked”

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