The Place Where The Creator Is Revealed

laitman_608.02Torah, Leviticus 8:33 – 8:36: And you shall not leave the entrance of the Tent of Meeting for seven days, until the day of the completion of your investiture days, he will inaugurate you for seven days. As he did on this day, so the Lord has commanded to do, to effect atonement for you.

And you shall stay day and night for seven days at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. You shall observe the Lord’s command, so that you will not die, for thus I was commanded. And Aaron and his sons did all the things that the Lord commanded through Moses.

Breaking away from egoism is the atonement.

It is compensation for getting rid of something impure, negative, and detrimental like, for example, some kind of disease. This is the way you purify yourself and start a different, healthier life. This is exactly what happened here.

The six days symbolize the six Sefirot: Chesed, Gevurah,Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod; the seventh day represents self-purification and is called Malchut. Aaron and his sons are able to ascend above the ego and use it for the purpose of love and bestowal. Then, they will be called Cohens or Levis.

Malchut works only above itself by raising the reflecting Light. In other words, I work in order for someone else to get pleasure.
But we are not talking here about people and their physical bodies that require energy. We are talking about spiritual qualities. Therefore, everything I can share, apart from necessities for my own survival, goes toward giving above Malchut.

Question: What does “work with the reflecting Light” mean?

Answer: Malchut has to become similar to the six upper qualities that are above it.

The Light gets reflected off the screen between Malchut and Yesod and then returns back up. Specifically, in the Light that is reflected off Malchut and rises from the bottom upward, the similarity to the six qualities gets formed, which is the revelation and perception of the Creator. From that reflection, an image is formed of the new, spiritual person, which is the embodiment of the Creator.

The person and the Creator join within this image. Moreover, the joined image resides between the inborn egoism of the person and the altruism of the Creator. It follows that the image is neither the Creator nor the person, but is their joining into one whole. This is the state of wholeness that we aspire to.

Based on the strength of the unified image of the person and the Creator, we can determine which of the 125 levels of correction the person is on.

Malchut remains a desire to receive. The intention to give is above Malchut and it transfers from there to the others. Therefore, the quality of bestowal—the place in which the Creator is revealed—is built above Malchut.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/13

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