The Levels Of The Spiritual Ascent

Laitman_041_01We have to try to keep focused on the general picture while reading the weekly section of the Torah (Parashat HaShavua) since the Torah tells us about how to reach complete comprehensive unity.

The ego is increasingly revealed time after time on the way to unity, and as it grows we discover the need for an increasingly greater connection above it.

The ego is our helper that operates against us and serves as help against us, but at the same time it reveals all the flaws, the defects, and the poisonous vapors of our states.

The ego is revealed in the consumerist attitude of people towards the still, vegetative, and animate nature, but especially in the relations between us. Envy, jealousy, domination, aspiration for fame and respect are our major problems.

Therefore, the goal of our correction is to bring a person to a state of unity and wholeness when he can harmoniously connect with everyone else in one unique system. This is the reason the Torah, the Light that corrects all the flaws, was given to us. The flaws are corrected to the extent that we define them as such, which means according to the way we see them.

By rising above the flaws to even greater connection and unity between us we ascend to the levels called holidays, weekdays, Sabbath, and Rosh Chodesh (the beginning of the month), the nations of the world, Levites, Cohanim (priests), Israelis, etc.

On these levels we see all the other supporting pillars of the spiritual ascent by being on the level of King David at one time and then on the level of King Solomon, and then the level of Moses, Aaron, Joseph, or Jacob.

As a person goes through these levels he feels that he ascends from the lowest level to the highest, being in as many states as possible.  He seems to experience all the days, holidays, weekdays, etc. He enters the states of each of these supporting pillars, connects, and unites with all of humanity. Eventually he integrates the whole world inside him and becomes a human being, Adam (stemming from the Hebrew word “Domeh” – to resemble), which means similar to the Creator.

Therefore we should perceive everything the Torah tells us about as essential levels of our development until we all reach the predetermined wholeness.

Question: Is the sequence of the holidays starting from Rosh Hashanah (the new year) onward kept in a person’s feelings and then accordingly in his feeling as Noah, Abraham, etc.?

Answer: Every person feels this in his own way.

If the general soul wasn’t shattered and was only one soul that corrects itself in a certain purposeful manner that is especially meant for that, it would go through all the levels in an accurate order.

But since we are all mutually connected and can be corrected only by the connection between us, we have to go through all these states that are mutually incorporated in us and in the figures the Torah calls Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc.

All these figures are spiritual levels and their inner filling, which on every level is called Adam. The levels themselves are called Sabbath, weekdays, holidays, months, and years.

It is a whole system that is made of the still, vegetative, and the animate nature; a whole world that develops in integral unity by attaining increasingly greater harmony each time.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/28/14

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