"The Place" Where The Creator And I Meet

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsQuestion: Where may the prayer for our unity and correction come from? How do I start asking for it?

Answer: We cry and beg for correction, but it is a pretense and falsehood. We, ourselves, don’t even realize that it is just lip service.

However, if I am working in the group and allow it to influence me, thereby exercising my only free choice, then it passes to me its enthusiasm and motivates me toward spirituality. At that point, it isn’t a lie since I am inspired by the friends. Even though I tried to connect to the group artificially, when they worked on me, I started to take it seriously.

This is how I am made: I am a particle in the collective system which has been functioning this way since the beginning of creation. That is why I cannot escape being affected by the environment, try as I might.

However, in this case, it was my wish to be influenced by the friends, and I made an effort to achieve it. If I now turn to the Creator with the desire received from the group, I will immediately receive an answer to it, a response. After all, this desire has a unique nature: the will to unite.

When I try to unite with them on my own or cry to the Creator to get this wish granted, it is a false demand. It isn’t regarded as a true prayer (MAN or Mayin Nukvin, Female Waters), but a lie. Although it is also beneficial, I will eventually see that it doesn’t work.

However, when I turn to the group, exalting it and reducing my own importance, and receive from it a new desire, a request that I further raise to the Creator, this is called MAN. As a result, there will be an answer from Above called MAD (Mayin Duchrin, Male Waters), which will truly connect me with the group, and there, inside it, I will find the Creator.

Inasmuch as I contribute myself to the group upon my own request, to that measure, the Creator will be revealed to me. However, no altruistic desire or action can come directly from me.

The group stands between me and the Creator, and we meet inside it. I raise my prayer to the Creator through the group. In response, He channels the answer to me through the group, with the help of which I may now rise to the group and find the Creator in it.

Between the Creator and me, there has to be the group. That’s why it is called the “place” and so is the Creator because there, He and I meet.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/21/10, Beit Shaar HaKavanot

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  1. I want a group. Where is my group? I am a 59 year old American woman studying kabbalah through listening to the daily lessons with Rav Leitman and Bnei Baruch. I want people to talk with about these things. I want to support others and enjoy their support. Who can I study with and how? Who can I talk with and how? Should I arrange my own group by becoming involved in my local synagogue to find others who are at least trying to keep the mitzvot? I tune in to study on most days, but I have no one to talk with, to help, to participate with. Only I see this virtual group of men. I am a woman. Is there no community of study for me? Don’t I have some place where I can be in actual communication through speaking, email, texting, or something personal with others like myself wanting to advance in my study?

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