All Rise For The Incoming Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Light corrects the Kli (vessel) very simply: It comes and settles in it. And the Kli immediately gets “tamed.”

We are managed by the Lights as we speak. We can be clever or foolish, kind or cruel, and all of this is done by the Light. It affects everyone each instant in accordance with its program. We all reside in the ocean of Light; its waves lift us up and throw us down, mixing us together.

Therefore, getting to know the Creator, the Light, the property of bestowal, our mutual connection, is all one and the same. The arrival of the Light is our correction. When it comes, you become “sentenced” to it and are unable to (and don’t wish to) act otherwise. You realize that you are ruled by the Light that dictates all your actions.

This is what your connection with the Creator is. It is in you, and you feel how He works in all your desires, governing you. So, you comply with Him.

Then, beside the points that have joined your Partzuf, you will discover new points and will start asking the Light to help you unify with them. In this manner, a series of corrections continues, always at your request.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/10, “All Who Suffer for the Public”

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