Perceive The Ten As A Place Where The Creator Dwells

laitman_962.1We cannot reach equivalence of form with the Creator by focusing only on Him. The Creator is elusive and inaccessible to our personal perception. However, by tuning our perception to mutual love in the ten, we direct ourselves to the Creator.

The Creator is concealed; He exists only as an impression in our spiritual vessel, the ten. The ten takes care of bringing contentment to the Creator through themselves. It turns out that in order to bring joy to my friends so that I bring contentment to the Creator, I rise above my egoism, self-concern, and all this care reaches the Creator. Caring for friends turns into a vessel (Kli), clothing my care for the Creator.

The Creator is clothed in my concern for the friends, for the ten. I cannot build a relationship directly with Him, but if I am ready to take care of my friends, the Creator clothes in this care. It turns out that I have practical work that I can do and let the Creator clothe into it.

Therefore, it is said: “From love of the created beings to love of the Creator,” and the love of the Creator is realized within the love of the created beings. Only in this way can the communication with the Creator be achieved.1

My goal is the Creator. I want to care for Him just as He cares for me. But I have nothing to cling onto because I do not know who the Creator is, and I can begin to fantasize about Him, build idols. Initially, Abraham did this by building idols. But then he saw that it is impossible to reach the revelation of the upper force that governs the whole of reality in such a way.

Therefore, Abraham shattered the idols and began to yearn for the Creator who no longer had a statue or image, no one to bow before. The clothing in which we can imagine or form the Creator is the ten, the group. And so, Abraham began to gather people around himself with calls: “Who is for the Creator—come to me!,” “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and “Love will cover all crimes.”

The connection of people is that vessel inside which the Creator is revealed. The correct connection, when everyone cares for the others, is the only “idol” that we are allowed to build so that the upper spirit that fills the group, the ten Sefirot, enters into it. The ten, having reached the correct connection, turns into the clothing within which the Creator dwells. I must perceive the ten as a place, a vessel in which the upper spirit dwells.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/21/20, Bestow Contentment to the Creator
1 Minute 16:20
2 Minute 23;2

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