A Conscious Movement Towards The Creator

laitman_935The conscious aspiration towards the Creator means that we organize a group, its spiritual center, assemble together, all our aspirations are aimed forward, everyone is equal, everyone connects, and we expect to find the Creator and cling to Him as to our only place of rescue specifically in the group.

A small child holds on to his mother (he doesn’t know anything else in the world), grasping her, feeling her, and recognizing her scent, and that’s it: He doesn’t need anything else. So do we need to reach such a state in order to hold on to the Creator, but only through the group and from within it. This is our salvation! It is specifically in this state that we cross the Machsom (the barrier that separates us from spirituality), the first point of connection, adhesion, contact with the Creator.

It is well described in the stories of the exit from Egypt, when one no longer knows what is happening. People flee from there at night, run without knowing where to, jump through the Red Sea. They jump into the abyss, it doesn’t matter where—what matters is to move forward, towards the Creator, and to hold on to Him! It is not known what will be there, and there’s no need to know. One finds himself in this state, and in this state he passes the Machsom. This is, to our present states, when we, so to speak, are slightly rocked from side to side, we need to add these big shake-ups.

And after one passed the Machsom, he is being shaken more strongly. There, on one hand, one finds the Klipot (the shells) and on the other, the divinity, meaning forces of impurity and holiness. There serious problems begin, which don’t stop until Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction). They travel from the bottom to the top by a cone, and minus and plus become greater and greater. And that gives us greater and greater need to hold on to the Creator. And this is what His help is. This is why it is called “help against him.”

But is there another possibility to come to Him if we are egoists and were created opposite to Him? There is no other way.

So what is our participation in this? When we are being shaken, we grasp onto the Creator, like a baby to his mother, crying, longing, clinging to Him. What is our work in order that we will grasp this process and transform it into good, conscious, worthy?

Question: How can we make this process in order to participate in it and not just to be rocked from side to side and thus have us long to hold on to Him? How is it possible to transform this path into something more normal? How is it possible to speed up our progress forward?

Answer: We can participate ourselves in this process only in the event that we approach it more strongly and attain the point of connection in the group. Through this point, we will hold on to the Creator more strongly.

We need to do this consciously so that the shake-ups from the side of the Creator don’t influence us, so that we ourselves, regardless of the shake-ups, exalt connection with Him, so that drawing closer to the Creator, to a state when we are in reciprocity, unity, love, and mutual assistance, when we are one complete whole will be important for us. This shouldn’t be in order to escape problems, but because it is important in itself.
From the Georgia Convention 11/05/12, Workshop 1

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