Clinging To The Creator Through The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanThroughout history, for many generations, we have been going through a period of the realization of our material desires until we reach the question about the purpose of life. We are looking for the answer to the question about the purpose of life, and, through it, finally, have come to the group.

In the group, we are “washed” like rags in a washing machine, not knowing where, what, and how, like little children who do not know where they are. We remain in this state for some time, sometimes for a few years, until we begin to get ascents and descents.

Then, we are shaken. We suddenly forget what was yesterday, as if we become forgetful. Sometimes, we are possessed by joy and, suddenly by sadness. The Creator begins to drag us to the right and to the left, shaking us from side to side. We feel like that emotionally and mentally.

This happens until a person understands that he can go straight only if he clings to the Creator through the group because the Creator is always in the center of the group. For this purpose, He shakes and will shake us a lot for a long time, until we understand. The science of Kabbalah explains to us in advance why we are given all these states so that we strive for the Creator consciously.
From the Georgia Convention 11/5/12, Workshop 1

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