The Umbrella Of Unity That Can Save Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpecial Edition: Events in Southern Israel
There is only one solution: to understand that the solution is within us, to unite and to become one people by raising the value of unity above all the differences.

We don’t have to be the same at all, we must simply be a family in which everyone is different; everyone looks at life differently, but above all that there is something that unites us into one whole.

It makes no difference that we don’t agree on something as long as we respect one another and develop together, holding the umbrella of mutual guarantee above our heads. All of Israel is responsible for one another. This is to what we should aspire. Everything will be corrected if we take this medicine. Today it’s simply a must.

We may wonder how the external threats are related to unity, but we are not a rational nation to begin with. What can we do, history shows us that. So isn’t it about time to learn from what we have and not from what we want to see? We have a formula from which we can infer what the future will be. Today it’s clear that it isn’t about some great project that requires money and efforts, we must simply keep the condition of unity.

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  1. Thank you for sending me tthis knowlege of peace, and how we should attain mutual respect for the better of all the cllective soul. Where i live there is no group.the nearest group is more than my budget could afford, the only group for me is the internet. my soul is connected to this when i watch from midnight to four. is this to be my group? thank you my brothers!

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