Goodness Has To Become Revealed

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe upper Light leads a person through many ascents and descents, continuously giving him the sensation that only the Creator can help him. After all, He’s the one who sent me all of the troubles in order to finally teach me to pray for redemption.

The redemption is the revelation of the Creator; I ask precisely in order to live under His single power, which is the only thing that exists. I don’t want to get confused any longer or to feel any other forces. Even though I understand that all forces come from Him, yet I want to be controlled just by this single force—the force of bestowal and love for the neighbor.

I want to reveal Him because this is the truth! All my other states are a lie. Only then a demand and outcry is born in a person to which the upper force brings him. This force had always played with him, confusing him to increase his self-assurance, creating difficulties for him so he would become stronger.

That is how a person reaches a prayer and reveals the Creator. Now he does not search for the Creator in order to get rid of all his troubles and searches, but wants to be under the power of “There is none else besides Him.” This means
coming out of Pharaoh’s slavery and becoming a slave of the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/26/11, Shamati #1

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  1. But if the Creator is a force that doesnt react to us, because its constant and unchanging, WHO are we asking? A force that doesnt respond? Hoow can a force that doesnt respond, respond to a request for unity?

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